Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who knew? I have a bit of a creative side...

I started planning Taylor's 1st birthday party today (details to come).  And decided to make his birthday card (as I have realized I am overrun with Scrapbooking supplies). 

I used a variety of supplies... the outer cover is card stock (12"x12") cut in half (to 6"x 12") and then folded in half. I decorated the front and inside covers.  I added one sheet of 6"x6" paper decorated and the binded the seam of the fold with tied ribbons.
Take a look at my efforts:

On the cover of the first one (to the left), I tried my hand at rub-ons.  Now these look simple, but I found that I had to rub much harder and longer than I expected to get them to transfer
the binding is one ribbon threaded through a hole punched near the top and bottom.  I simply tied off each end on the back side.

The first page (inside cover) of each invitation is a picture of Taylor-- dressed up a bit.  I added a frame to the picture (see right) and then cut strips of the frame paper for decoration on the remainder of the page and a wide strip added to the second page so that the insert page has consistency with the cover.

The cover of the second one was much easier as I decided just to glue on the rub on-- paper and all, and it looks great (the picture doesn't do it justice).  I used corner pieces only to hold the picture on the inside cover.  On the insert page of each is small memory tracker cards that I had in my scrapbooking supplies.  The titles on the cards were "Who, what, when, and where" which worked perfect for the invitation details... I plan to include a matching card on the inside of each invitation.
I have several other designs I'm working on, if anyone's interested, I'll post more pictures later.

I have a few others, if anyone is interested I'll post pictures-- slightly different binding ideas...

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