Monday, July 12, 2010

Party planning

The official party planning is under way for
Taylor's 1st Birthday 

1) Location- Joanie Moser Park ... check! (almost, I found out it's available and I'm going to call to book it tomorrow)

2) Date and Time...check!-- on Taylor's BirthDAY: although it's a Wednesday, I've found with Jackson that I feel the need to do two parties (one for him and one for his actual birthday) if I don't plan his party right on his birthday
3) CAKE! I'm so excited, Should be a beautiful cake by Christina's Cake Creations not going to tell you the theme just yet, but check out her site-- she's great!!

4) Invitations... half-check!-- I posted a few pictures before... got 10 invitations done now... they're looking better and better with each one!

5) Menu...umm... been thinking about it... check-- Hot dogs, Cheeseburgers, and all the sides from a cookout ... might be one of the last one's before school starts back, so I chose this for selfish reasons (I love, love, love, a good cookout)

Nothing yet on the decorations... but going to follow the cake theme, so I'm going to start looking... I'll keep you posted!
Hmmm... what am I forgetting?


  1. activities? do you do that for a one year old bday?

  2. Oh yeah... THANKS!! I'll work on that...