Friday, July 9, 2010

It's been a great day!

I had today off work (yay me!). Not by choice though- Taylor got sick at daycare yesterday and due to the 24-hour rule he couldn't return today (although he was just fine by the time i arrived at the daycare to pick him up and has been fine ever since!). I went with a friend to get a pedicure at lunchtime-- then lunch at Panera bread (why don't I eat there more often-- it's yummy!!).
Then off to the mall, for four enjoyable hours of shopping, where-- surprisingly-- I found several things that fit well (hid the still present post-baby fat) and were on sale (I love a good sale!). I had dinner with Jackson and Taylor at TJ's (always yummy!).
We got home to find that we have new neighbors, who have two little girls, (Jackson is in heaven right now). It's like I'm entering a new phase of motherhood- this week alone, I've met the parents of several neighborhood children. And Jackson has finally gotten to an age where I feel comfortable letting him play at their house (It's like a short vacation!!)

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