Monday, July 5, 2010

KOA Camping- Friday, July 2nd

We left early Friday morning, met dad in Statesville and drove together to the KOA campground in Crossville, TN (that's about half-way between Knoxville and Nashville). We watched for Hannah Montana from the time we crossed the TN state line, as Jackson was convinced we would see her since she lives in Tennessee. I booked a cabin at the KOA, described as "rustic" but it had AC...

We went fishing and swimming, fed the ducks, and Dad took Jackson on several walks... Dad, Taylor and Jackson fed the ducks (not pictured). There were three ducks that were residents of the pond near our cabin... they kept coming around looking for food, but would run away when Jackson tried to catch them. The rest of the weekend, Jackson told the story of catching three fish, each time the fish got bigger (boy, they learn early to tell the "big fish" story!!)

Jackson's favorite part was the cookout- roasting hot dogs and Smores. In between, the two we went to an ice cream social held by the campground.
He realized that catching the marshmellows on fire, is much more fun than simply making tasty treats!!

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