Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why am I wasting my money?

Why do I waste money on cable, the newest Transformers, Sketchers ("they make me run faster"), and the numerous noisemakers for infants... [insert all of your own toys for big kids and small HERE]?? It's amazing how many of these things never, EVER, get played with... they get stacked in the kids rooms and make it out to the next yard sale.

Tonight I turned off the tv and kicked the 4 year old out into the backyard... Guess what? Through the chain link fence-- he made a new friend. We've lived here 8 years (okay he's only been here for four of those)- how many neighborhood friends does he have? nada, zip, zilch...

Okay- I do take some, if not all, of the blame. After work, picking up the kids, feeding us all (even if it's take out)- it's 7:00. Not exactly the time that I want to go outside and "play". Guess tonight I'll take a hint from him... and go meet some parents. That way they won't think I'm ditching my kid on them.